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School of Geography and Remote Sensing originates from the Department of Climatology, which was established in the year 1960 when Nanjing Institute of Meteorology was founded. In 2006, School of Remote Sensing was established after years of construction and development, in 2008 the department structure were further optimized, and School of Geography and Remote Sensing was renamed in 2014.

the third prize of  2016 Jiangsu province Education  Scientific Research Achievement-College science and technology

In 2007, the specialty “Remote Sensing Science and Technology” was approved as the university’s distinguished specialty. In 2008, ‘Geography’ as the China Meteorological Administration key discipline, the master degree program of ‘natural geography’, and Jiangsu Province Remote Sensing Application Teaching Demonstration Center Construction Site were approved. In 2009, 3S Integration and Meteorological Application Laboratory was approved as the joint laboratory of the central and local authorities. In 2010, the master degree program of ‘Geography’ was approved, the specialty of ‘Remote Sensing Science and Technology’ was approved as the province’s distinguished specialty, the ‘Geographical Sciences’ which covers four specialties in our school was incorporated in the ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ key professional projects in Jiangsu Province, then successfully completed in 2016. Since then, as being the necessary component ‘geography’ has participated in the successful application of the ‘National Atmospheric Science and Environmental Meteorology Experimental Teaching Center’, ‘National Atmospheric Science and Meteorological Information Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center’, the ‘Provincial Dominant Disciplines’ including ‘Atmospheric Science’ , Environmental Science and Engineering, and Sensor Network and Modern Meteorological Equipment, and also the ‘Jiangsu Province Key Discipline’ including ‘Haze Monitoring, Pre-warning, Prevention and Control.

the first prize of 2015 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology

The School of Geography and Remote Sensing always adheres to the views of ‘cultivating special talents by experts’. By importation and cultivation, a highly educated, highly professional, and age/academic-structure-reasonable team has been constructed. Currently, the school has 84 staff members, including 72 full-time teachers. The school has 9 professors, 26 associate professors, 9 PhD supervisors and 36 MS supervisors; 98.41% of the full-time teachers have a doctor’s degree, 73.6% have international education or work experience, 1 member has the title ‘Hundred Talents of Chinese Academy of Sciences’, 1 member has the title ‘National Thousand Talents’, 3 members have the title ‘Middle aged and Young academic leaders of Qinglan Project of Jiangsu Province’. Besides the full-time staff, the school also has 9 overseas non-full time professors

The school has continuously strengthened the construction of the discipline platform, scientific research platform, and teaching platform. The school has established 4 Provincial Laboratories and 2 Provincial Teaching Demonstration Centers. In recent years, more than 30 million Yuan has been invested in the laboratory construction, and a large number of advanced teaching and research facilities have been purchased to support the scientific research and personnel training.

Chinese industry-university- research cooperation Innovation Award