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  • Undergraduate

Our undergraduate degree courses cover a range of world issues from climatology to environment and planning to work, employment and development. Single-subject degrees exist in each of these areas, together with joint degrees between these subjects. All degrees are accredited by the relevant professional bodies. These degrees lead to a BSc or a BEng qualification, which are basically four year 'bachelor' degrees. They all include a production practical and a graduate project in the last year of the program the to improve abilities of application and innovation. Career planning is built into the courses and the students will gain valuable transferable skills in IT and team working.

the first prize of Beidou National youngsters' Science &Technology Innovation Competition

Silver Award of college student' Business plan Competition on the 9th National Challege Cup






Remote Sensing Science and Technology

Physical geography

Cartography I

Radiation Transfer Principle for Remote Sensing

Theory of Remote Sensing

Photogrammetry I

Processing of Remote Sensing Digital Image I

Microwave Remote Sensing

Hyperspectral and High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing

Secondary Development Language for Remote Sensing (IDL) I

Quantitative Remote Sensing

Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing

Natural Geography and Resources Environment

Physical Geography

Human Geography

Principle of Geographic Information System

Cartography I

Geology and Geomorphology I

Meteorology and Climatology

Phytogeography I

Metrology Geography

Natural Resources

Geographic Information Science

Physical Geography

Cartography I

Principle of Geographic Information System

Human Geography

Spatial Data Structure

GIS Visualization Development Language

Principle on Spatial Database I

Fundamentals of GIS algorithm

Principle and Method of Digital Elevation Model

Geostatistics I

GIS Design and Application

Geomatics Engineering

Physical Geography

Introduction of Geomatics

Principles and Methods of Digital Mapping I

Principles and Methods of Digital Mapping II

Error theory and Surveying Adjustment


Cartography II

Fundamentals of Cartography

Photogrammetry II

Engineering Survey

Principal and Application of GNSS I



BSc Geography
BSc Geographic Information System

BSc Remote Sensing Science and Technology
BEng Surveying and Mapping Engineering
BSc Geographic Information System (International Program)