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Research Overview

Our strong research environment focuses on key issues at natural disaster prevention, global change and regional response, climate resource exploitation, and land planning and utilization. The impact of our research is wide ranging covering many cognate areas. In the last 5 years, the research laboratories have worked on more than 130 projects, mainly on 6 research area: natural disaster and its prevention technology, climate resource and its fine exploitation technology, surface parameters retrieval and environmental monitoring technology, GIS software development and signal integration and amalgamation. Most of our researches are relate to meteorology and earth science, although we pay more attention on application of all technologies. Review recent faculty research publications to better appreciate the bread and depth of scholarly activities currently underway in the department.

Aiming at the development of the disciplines and specialties, the school gradually formed its distinctive research field. In the past five years, the staff members of the school presided more than 150 vertical scientific research projects, which accounted for funds of more than 36 million Yuan, and included 26 National Natural Science Fund projects. The staff members published 512 scientific research papers including 108 SCI (SCIE) papers, won 1 second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 second prizes of the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize of the Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award, and 1 first prize of the Guangxi Province Science and Technology Progress Award.


Research Groups

There exist six research groups in School of Remote Sensing, as follows:

Surface Environmental Parameters Remote Sensing Research Group
Information Integration and Fusion Research Group
Global Change and Regional Planning Research Group
Resource Development and Utilization Research Group
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Research Group
Application Software Development Research Group