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Historical evolution:

The history of School of Electronic & Information Engineering can be traced back to the electronic team of atmospheric sounding staff room in 1972. After years of construction and development, the college is now composed of four majors on the former Department of Original Information & Communication and Electronic Engineering in 2006. The specialty of signal and information processing has the right to confer Master's Degree in 2003, and the specialty of information & communication engineering has the right to confer the first level discipline master degree. Now there are four majors- Communications Engineering, Information Engineering, Electronic Science &Technology and Electronic Information Engineering.

Scientific research:

The scientific research achievements of the college are plenteous, and the academic exchange is active. Now the school processes Advantage Subject Construction Units of Sensor Networks of Jiangsu, the Engineering Technology Center of Jiangsu Meteorological Sensor Networks, the key laboratory of Jiangsu Meteorological Sounding and Information Processing, and the key laboratory of Millimeter Wave Meteorological Radar System with the Detection Engineering Center of China Meteorological Administration. The School has formed five relatively stable research directions that focus on meteorological characteristics: meteorological radar technology, meteorological signal and information processing, meteorological sensor technology and meteorological instrument.
Recently, the school undertakes all kinds of research projects at different levels, and undertakes large national meteorological specific subjects,  projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation and subjects at provincial and ministerial level. Meanwhile, the college carries on science research cooperation and communication with famous universities at home and abroad actively, promotes the development of Industry-University-Institute and industrialization of achievements. The total funds of the research grow rapidly. The speed and the total amount of the research funds rank the first in all the Engineering colleges in the university. In recent years, the amounts of academic papers open public are more than 400 in which over 200 are indexed by SCI、EI、ISTP and the authorized patents obtained is over 100. Now, a reasonable structure and vigorousness research team is formed.

Teaching staff:

The school sticks to human-orientation and the teaching staff construction is always in the prior development strategic position. After years of education and talents-brought-in project, a strong strength teaching staff group is formed. There are 88 workers in the college of which 65 full-time teachers, 7 professors and 21 associate professors. Among the full-time teachers, 90% have doctoral degree. One teacher is the Jiangsu “double- invasive- talent”. Five teachers are enrolled in the Jiangsu “Six-talent-peak” projects. Five teachers are selected in Jiangsu Blue Project. One teacher is enrolled in Jiangsu “Academic (technical) leader training project”. Many of the teachers obtained “Prominent Educator” title and “teaching achievement prize”.