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  • About us

Introduction: The School of Environmental Science and Engineering was established in 2002. With nearly one decade’s development, our school has made remarkable achievements. Our school was issued the “second-grade master’s degree authorization” at 2003, and has became the Key discipline of Chinese Meteorological Bureau at 2008. One year later, our school was enrolled into the construction of “national characteristic discipline” and the “professional master’s degree authorization of Environmental Engineering”, then was approved by the Ministry of Education as the “first-grade master’s degree authorization discipline” at 2010. Our discipline “Environmental Science and Engineering” was selected into the “Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions” at 2011, evaluated as “excellent” at 2014, and was continuously funded by the Jiangsu Government till now. At 2012, our school was issued “state-level Environmental engineering Practical Education Center” and Key discipline of Jiangsu Province. In 2015, the major of Environmental Science was selected into “Top-notch Academic Programs Project of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions”, and also added the “second-grade doctor’s and master’s degrees authorization” in Environmental meteorology. To present, the School features in the following three departments:

Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Orientations and Missions: We devote to keeping closely the integration of the experiments, theoretical analyses, numerical modeling and industrial applications, and conducting the key and perspective basic and applied research in solving various serious environmental problems; cultivating extraordinary talents and research teams, and aiming for the domestic first-class discipline and internationally renowned discipline; focusing on “innovative research, innovative engineering, innovative planning”, and continuously strengthening our capability in the fields of energy saving, pollution control, etc., and serving the sustainable developments of national and local green economy.


Cultivation goals: Our school always focuses on fulfilling the strong needs from the emerging national high-tech industry – Environmental protection industry, and meteorological industry.  The School aims to strengthen the basic knowledge, practical and international abilities of the graduate students, which in details are “centering on cultivation of high-level Environmental talents, featuring in atmospheric environment and environmental meteorology, cultivating innovative-practical-international talents”. The high-level “innovative, practical, international” graduates cultivated by the discipline are able to conduct research, education tasks relevant with environmental monitoring, pollution control, policy making, etc., in various government, research institutions and enterprises.


Faculty and students: The faculty comprises of 30 professors, 23 associate professors, 35 lecturers, 9 laboratory technicians, and 10 auxiliary teaching staffs. About 1200 undergraduate students are currently registered for BSc degrees involving environmental science, environmental engineering, and chemistry studies; a further 130 postgraduate students are registered for MSc degrees.