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Established in 1993, the School of Information and Control promotes high quality studies within a robust academic and learning environment and nurtures graduates with innovative thinking and abilities that relate practical work with theoretical results. The school has one program for PhD candidates in the specialty of Meteorology Information Technology and Security, and two programs for master students in the specialties of System science and Information and communication engineering.

The school has now 5 doctorial supervisor and 22 masters’ tutors, who are supervising 12 PhD candidates and over 136 master students.The School of Information and Control runs innovative and MSc degrees, which draw on the strengths of both our undergraduate degrees and our internationally recognised research. School also has excellent links with the local high technology industry which mean that courses are relevant to today's needs and enhance the career prospects of our students

MSc System science [0711] 
MSc Information and communication engineering [0809] 
PhD Meteorology Information Technology and Security [070630]