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  • Undergraduate

Speciality provision:

There are four undergraduate specialties- communications engineering, information engineering, electronic science & technology and electronic information engineering in the college. There are three professional master specialties signal & information processing, information & communication engineering and electronic & communication engineering. Meanwhile, the college cooperating with related units enrolls the atmospheric remote sensing scientific & technology, atmospheric physics, atmospheric information & safety doctoral candidates.

BEng Communication Engineering [080605]
BEng Information Engineering [080605]
BEng Electronic Information Engineering [080605]
BEng Electronic Science & Technology [080605]

Teaching level:

Electronic information engineering is Jiangsu characteristic specialty. Communications engineering and electronic science & technology are the characteristic specialties of china meteorological. Electronic information engineering enrolled in the construction point of education ministry characteristic specialty in 2009, and excellent engineer training program specialty in 2011. All specialties locate accurately and insist on characteristic education; the training target meets the social demands; education scheme embodies the rule that teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. The education mode is flexible and various. The practice and training base is perfection and scientific and focuses on improving students' practical skills. The students trained are closely linked to socio-economic development and industries and enterprises’ technological innovation. They are with high comprehensive quality, strong innovation ability, dense service consciousness that is popular to the society and industries.

 Talent training:

The College firmly establishes the status center of teaching and educating. The education and teaching concept of student-centered is throughout the whole education process. We focus on training the students’ innovation ability in the purpose of students becoming adults and useful person which the achievements are excellent. The graduate students’ ratio of taking part in the entrance examinations, going abroad and employment is improved year by year steadily. The graduate students are well received by the employer. The party construction of the student is vivid and dramatic. The ratio of party members in students records high. There are 1,350 undergraduates, 150 graduate students in the college now. In recent years, the rate of postgraduate admission has remained at about 20%, and high-quality employment rate is nearly 100%.

Advantages and distinguishing features:

The College carries out the scientific research and personnel training to meet the needs of the meteorological industry and local economic development, that the characteristics and advantages are gradually revealed. Now there are Jiangsu advantage subject construction points of sensor networks and modern meteorological equipments, the engineering technology center of Jiangsu meteorological sensor networks, key laboratory of Jiangsu meteorological sounding and information processing and the key laboratory of millimeter wave meteorological radar system with the detection engineering center of China meteorological administration in the college. The ceeusro characteristic of school-running is formed. The electronics experiment teaching center is the Jiangsu experimental teaching demonstration center. The experiment teaching center of communication & information engineering is the key investment construction center. The experiment teaching center of electronic science & technology is of distinct teaching characteristic. Information & communication engineering and electronic science & technology are enrolled in the key disciplines of China meteorological administration in 2008. Electronic & information engineering is the national characteristic specialty in 2009. The specialty of electronic & communication engineering declared successfully the engineering masterof the programs leading to degree.