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  • Postgraduate

The School of Environmental Science and Engineering provides postgraduate programs in the following:

MSc Environmental Science and Engineering
Program Code: 0830
Program Length: 3 years
Degree Type: Engineering

Major courses provided:
Environmental Chemistry, Modern Environmental Monitoring, Water Treatment Technology, Environmental Science Research Methods, Trace Organic Analysis, Environmental Policy and Management, Technology and Application of the Waste Gas Treatment, Solid Waste Treatment and Resource Utilization, Environmental and Economic Studies, Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Environment, Numerical Models, Membrane Process Engineering, Cleaner Production.
Elective courses provided include Pollution Meteorology, Environmental Meteorology, Atmospheric Environment and Global Climate Change, etc.


MSc Ecology
Program Code: 0713
Program Length: 3 years
Degree Type: Science
Credit Requirement: A minimum of total 32 credits with minimum of 20 degree course credits

Research focuses:
         Farmland Ecology
         Environment Ecology
         Landscape Ecology
         Soil Ecology
         Ecological Restoration and Engineering


MEng Environmental Engineering
Program Code: 085229
Program Length: 3 years
Degree Type: MEng

Major courses provided:
Advanced Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Engineering Principles, Air Pollution Control Projects, Water Treatment Technology, Modern Environmental Analysis, Solid Waste Disposal and Resources, Environmental Planning and Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Project Management, Project Economics, Environmental Engineering Construction, Atmospheric Aerosols, Atmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Engineering Design, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Meteorology, Cleaner Production and Energy Saving.