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Our faculty members conduct a wide range of research work relevant with environmental science and Engineering. In the past five years (2012-2016), the school has ~50 projects granted by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and ~100 provincial and other projects, with a total fund of 150 million RMB. In 2016, our faculty members have a collected total of ~25 million RMB government funding, ranking No. 3 of all schools of the university. Moreover, the NSFC projects includes two Key Programs of the Major Research Plan of NSFC, and the school is also issued three Key R&D Programs from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Our faculty have published ~ 300 SCI-indexed papers during 2012-2016, including many high-quality paper published in renowned journals, such as 《Environmental Science & Technology》、《Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics》、《Journal of Materials Chemistry A》、《Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review》, etc. The school has also published a significant number of textbooks, and patents, etc. Our research has also earned a few national and provincial level prizes, including one Second and one Third Prizes from Environmental Protection bureau of China.

Our school also has a few high-tech research and educational platforms: National Demonstrative Joint Training Base for Professional Master’s Degree in Engineering, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment Monitoring and Pollution Control (AEMPC), Collaborative Innovation Center of Atmospheric Environment and Equipment Technology (CIC-AEET), Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center of Environmental Cleaning Materials, Jiangsu Joint Laboratory of Atmospheric Pollution Control,  National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Atmospheric Environment and Environmental Meteorology, National Environmental Engineering Practical Education Center. We also have established some substantial, solid and high-level international collaborations, including the world-class Harvard-NUIST air quality and climate center, and the Yale-NUIST Atmospheric Environmental Center, International Joint National Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Changes (one out of three of the first-batch issued by the Ministry of Education, Prof. Hong Liao is the director), the “NUIST doctoral funds” and oversea young faculty training center, which has become an important base for the cultivation of international top-notch talents in Environmental Science and Engineering. 


The research of our school can be classied into four major directions:

Atmospheric environmental chemistry

Main research interests: 1) On-line monitoring of atmospheric particles and relevant trace gases;2) Formation mechanism and source apportionment of atmospheric pollutants;3) Air quality modeling; 4) Development of on-line monitoring instruments of atmospheric trace gases and particles.

Major faculty members

Dr. Hong Liao

Dr. Xinlei Ge

Dr. Huan Yu

Dr. Yan Ma

Dr. Jun Zheng

Dr. Gang Liu

Dr. Yuhao Mao

Dr. Zhenxin Liu


Atmospheric pollution control technology

Main research interests: 1) new treatment techniques of flue gas from solid waster disposal; 2) Techniques of carbon dioxide reduction; 3) Catalytical degradation of environmental pollutants; 4) Resource development of greenhouse gases.

Major faculty members

Dr. Mindong Chen

Dr. Hongcang Zhou

Dr. Zhaobing Guo

Dr. Hui Cao

Dr. Fei Teng

Dr. Yafei Shen

Dr. Jiangang Lu

Dr. Qinggang Kong

Dr. Ming Wang

Dr. Yunxia Zhao

Dr. Zhenxuan Li


Water pollution control

Main research interests: 1) Lake water pollution remediation;2) Novel environmental materials synthesis and application in water treatment; 3) Urban water pollution control and management

Major faculty members

Dr. Defu Xu

Dr. Jianghua Yu

Dr. Xiaojun Zuo

Dr. Lin Huang

Dr. Dagang Liu

Dr. Chaozhi Zhang

Dr. Ying Li

Dr. Zhengwen Xu

Dr. Zhuang Wang

Dr. Jingjing Xu


Environmental management and assessment

Main research interests: 1) Regional environmental Changes and trends;2) Effects of Environmental changes on the climate, ecology and health; 3) Environmental policy and management

Major faculty members:

Dr. Youfei Zheng

Dr, Jianlin Hu

Dr. Weishou Shen

Dr. Yun Wu

Dr, Fengying Li

Dr. MengYang