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  • Contact Information

Dean: Prof. Dr. Hong Liao

Secretary of the Party Committee: Dr. Mindong Chen

Vice Dean: Prof. & Dr. Defu Xu

Vice Dean: Prof. & Dr. Xinlei Ge 

Vice Dean: Prof. & Dr. Jianghua Yu 

Vice Secretary of the Party Committee: Dr. Gelan Ma

Deputy Director of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Enviroment Monitoring and Pollution Control: Prof. & Dr. Yan Ma

Administrative Office:
Address: NO.1 Disciplinary Building 219 Ningliu Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu China
Tel: +86(25) 58731090
Fax:+86(25) 58731090
Email: For recruitment and general inquiry  huankeyuan@nuist.edu.cn
Email: For international collaboration and foreign affairs  001899@nuist.edu.cn