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Research Overview


The school has established a variety of research teams, such as Internet of Things perception and transmission, Internet of things control and equipment, multimedia networking, cyberspace security, cloud computing security, big data processing, quantum computing, application software, etc. In the past five years, the school has undertaken three key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 50 National Natural Science Foundation (surface, youth) projects, more than 10 national ‘863’ projects, the Ministry of Science and Technology Publicity special scientific research projects, and other national scientific research projects. Over the past five years, the school’s full-time teachers published more than 800 high-level academic papers, including more than 200 SCI articles, published more than 10 academic monographs, more than 10 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, more than 300 software copyright, and nearly 200 authorized patents.




Research Groups

There exist 6 research groups as follows:


Image Processing Group(IPG) 
Network and Information Security
Intelligent Computation Group 
Meteorological Software and Information Process Group 
IoT/WSN Group  
Cloud Computing Group

 The school has an international reputation for its innovative research across the broad disciplines of Computer Science and Information Systems, Cybernetics, and Electronic Engineering. The impact of our research is wide ranging covering many cognate areas.The School works closely with local, regional and global industries and third sector organisations in order to support and strengthen our research agenda.