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  • About us

 School of Marxism was founded in 1960. It had passed through various stages of development. Though the development of Social Science Division and School of Social Science, we founded the Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Education Center co-located with the School of Public Administration in 2005. The Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Education Center was independent in 2011.And then, we established the Marxist theory research center. The School of Marxism was established in 2012. Eventually, the institution operated independently in October 2014.  

The college has a team of good academic structure with seniority, education, title and high level. We have 52 full-time teachers and 12 part-time teachers. The team of full-time teachers is constituted with professor 11 and associate professor 14 which the full-time teacher doctoral rate of nearly 80%.There are 42 graduate student’s tutors. In the graduate tutors team, the high title teachers accounted for 53%, and 8 people already go abroad to study or get overseas doctorate .The number of being selected at all levels of talent project increased rapidly. We had only one Green Engineering backbone teacher five years ago, and then the number rises to twelve. There are one 333 high-level personnel training project academic leader, twoA group of five engineering talent in province, onesix talent peak high-level talent in province, three Green Project young academic leader, four Green Engineering young backbone teachers, one young talented person nurturing object of Ideological and Political Education of the Ministry of Education among the twelve people.

The Marxist Academy will be under the correct leadership of the school party committee administration for the future. And the school will be guided by Deng Xiaoping's theory, the important thought of Three Represents, the scientific development concept and the spirit of Xi Jin ping's important speech. The school also adhere to the ideal and faith education as the core and base on discipline construction. And the school promulgate the ideological and political theoretical courses in colleges and universities construction standards strictly which made by the Ministry of Education in September 2015. We also insist continuous ideological and political theory innovation and work innovation, and constantly improve the teaching and research level of teachers, and actively promote the school to create new dreams to achieve a new leap.