Found in May 2008, the School of Media and Art started with one major of Software Engineering (animation oriented). In 2009, the artistic subject Animation was established. In 2010, Digital Media and Arts was newly added to the catalogue of subjects. In the moment, we’ve two Departments (of Animation and of Digital Media and Arts), one Division (of Basic Arts), one Institution (of Animation Research) and a Company (of Media and Arts). The school has been in close touch with domestic institutes and companies of animation and digital media and arts and established mutiple bases of fieldwork for students in Animation and Digital Media and Arts.

For years, the school has been working in accordance with the educational philosophy of rigorous scholarship and commitment to serving the society, maintaining a up-to-date knowledge of the development of animation and digital media and arts around the world, enforcing exchanges with leading institutes in the same field and companies at home and abroad and building a healty academic atmosphere for cultivating talents. The school has now grown into a full-fledged secondary college in wide recognition covering subjects of Animation, Digital Media and Arts and the Art of Exhibtion. The School is equipped with advanced labs of animation producation, scripts, line test, a joint lab wtih Apple, a recording room and a photo studio. In May 2009, The Water Running away broadcasted on CCTV, Sichuan TV, Shanghai TV and Jiangsu TV won the nominee of best cartoons for Jinlin Animation Academy Award in the Fourth China Jilin International Animation Expo, for the Golden Panda Prize at Sichuan TV Festival and for the Monkey King Prize at the sixth Hangzhou International Animation Expo. By far, the school has very close partnership with renowned companies and Huafeng Media Group of China Meterological Administration.
The School has been carrying on the fine tradition of simplicity, diligence, truth-seeking and perseverance, attracted an an army of teaching and research staff developing all-round and among them four are distinguished professors, seven very promising lecturers and there are two teams of animation and digital media and arts creation.

Department of Animation
The department was established in 2008 and, with efforts, it has developed into a now well-recognized and comprehensive teaching institute in the world of animation industry. Utilizing all the available teaching resources on and off the campus, the department recruited many experts in animation industry as teachers to give classes to  students.  There are a number of labs of 300 square meters with advanced equipments which includes an animation studio, a lab of scripts, a Joint-lab with Apple, a line test lab, a recording studio and a photo studio. Junior and senior students can have internships for a term of half or a year in the product development and research in companies with close partnership with the school.

Department of Digital Media Art
The department was founded in 2010, which  aimed at cultivating talents of both scientific and aesthetic accomplishments so that they can utilize computers to create and design artistic works. Though it’s a newborn discipline and a fresh start for the department in the school, the department develops fast into a well-founded starting point and has resourceful teachers and first-class facilities, with computer labs, digital media and arts studios, photo studios, recording studios and after-effects studios. The department has been in close partnership with institutes and companies at home and abroad , and in teaching, advanced foreign teaching philosophy is implemented for cultivating well-educated talents with a global vision.