I. General Provisions

1. The university established the Specialized Awards of International Students for the purpose of encouraging international students who have outstanding performances in certain aspect and promoting an overall development of students.

2. All international students that have been studying at NUIST for one semester and above can apply for the awards.

3. The awards are assessed by adhering to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.

II. Awards Categories 

The specialized awards include the Award for Academic Excellence, the Award for Social Activity, the Award for Polite Manner and the Award for Student Cadre. Each award has 500 CNY grant.

III. Criteria

1. Strictly observe Chinese laws and regulations, rules and regulations of NUIST and behave well in the daily life.

2. Have a good study attitude and academic performance.

3. The detailed criteria for different categories are as follows:

(1) The Award for Academic Excellence: Students rank top 10% in the academics among fellow students of the same major and have outstanding performances in their academic studies and study competitions.

(2) The Award for Social Activity: Students participate actively and get achievements in sports, cultural and social activities.

(3) The Award for Polite Manner: Students are kind, honest, always helping others and enthusiastic about public welfare undertaking.

(4) The Award for Student Cadre: Student cadres have a strong sense of responsibility, work efficiently to serve students and have outstanding achievements in the service work. 

IV. Application and Assessing

1. The awards are assessed every March or April.

2. Applicants can ask for The Application Form of NUIST Specialized Awards of International Students from College of International Students or download it from the college’s website. Applicants shall fill in the form and submit the form and other application documents to College of International Students. Each applicant can only apply for one award.

3. College of International Students shall evaluate the application forms and documents and name the candidates of the awards.

4. The Scholarship Committee shall publicize the candidates of the awards and report to the vice president in charge of international students’ affairs for approval.

5. The name list of the awards winners will be posted on the notice board by College of International Students and the winners will be publicly commended by the college in the students’ meeting.

6. The university awards each winner the grant and the certificate.

V. The Scholarship Committee

1. The Scholarship Committee consists of the vice president in charge of international students’ affairs, experts, supervisors and the officers of College of International Students.

2. The duties of the committee include:

(1) Assessing and deciding on the winners of the awards;

(2) Handling disputes in the process of assessing, accepting complaints and re-assessing the awards;

(3) Interpretation and amendment of the measures on assessing specialized awards.

3. The routine of the committee is carried out by College of International Students.