Shopping Guide

Nanjing's downtown area is mainly located in Xinjiekou in the city center, Hunan Road in the north city and Taipingnan Road and Fuzimiao in the south city. The main shopping malls are Jinying, Dongfang, Jinling, Dayang, Xinbai, Zhongyang, Hualian, Shangmao and Suning Yinhe, Suning Guoji, Taipingyang, Shanxilu Department Store and Hunanlu Department Store. Yongli Shopping Mall, Nanpu Shopping Mall, Jin'nianhua Plaza in Dachang area and Jinqiao and Yuqiao nearby Zhongyangmen are quite suitable for working class consumption.

The two former international retailers — American Walmart and French Carrefour are located in Xinjiekou and Daqiaonan Road respectively. The supermarkets nearby the university include Hualian, Yichulianhua in Dachang area and Huarun Suguo and Suguo chain store also makes its appearance on campus which is very convenient.

The electric appliances chained store giants like Suning, Guomei, Wuxing and Yongle gather in Xinjiekou and Hunan Road. Suning and Wuxing chained store make their appearances in Dachang as well.

The best place to purchase IT products is Zhujiang Road — the biggest place for electronic and computer-related products with 18 computer markets and 5 markets for telecommunications products.

The ideal places to buy books are Xinhua Bookstore and Dazhong Bookstore in Xinjiekou because for their great variety. Discount is offered in Soldiers' Club in Shanxi Road. Some small bookstores are located around the university and can basically meet the needs of the teachers and the students.

There are many kinds of artifacts in Nanjing, among which yunjin, velvet, imitation of archaic ivory carving, and Jinling folding fan are quite famous. Besides, Yuhua Stone is a good travel souvenir. Sausage, xiangdu, vacuum salted duck and little peanut are special snacks in Nanjing.