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Name: Bingzhang Lin
Tel: 86 25 5873 1550                                                  
Email: lbz@nuist.edu.cn
Current position: Dean of School of Hydrometeorology; Applied Hydrometeorological Research Institute of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology
Used to be (by May 2009): Chief Statistical Hydrologist, Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center (HDSC), NOAA/NWS/Office of Hydrologic Development



Education & Academic career:
1963-1968 Graduated (under-) from Hydrology Department of Hohai University, Nanjing
1978-1981  Graduated (Post-) from 78-graduate class of the Hohai University as a combined major of Hydrology in Hohai University and Meteorology in Nanjing University*
1983-1984 Received the Distinguish Diploma for post-graduate courses at International Hydraulic and Environmental Institute (IHE) in Delft, Netherlands
1988       Awarded as Associated Professor in Hydrology, Hohai University
1998       Invited by the Hohai University as Professor in Hydrology
2004       Invited as Guest Professor by Tongji University, Shanghai
2006       Invited as Guest Professor by Yangzhou University, Yangzhou

*Note: the highest education level by then in China under a unique education system different from the western education system. There was no basis for comparison between the two systems by that time.

Work and research experience:
1968-1978    Engineer at Northwest China Hydropower Design Institute and the Third Hydropower  Construction Bureau, Ministry of Water Resources, China.
1985-1989    Teaching and research activities at Hohai University, Nanjing, China
1989-2009    Taking part in a PMP review as a visiting scholar and later being the key developer and the principal statistical hydrologist of the HDSC (Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center), work at the NOAA/NWS/OHD to develop the end-to-end system of the Regional L-moments Analysis on the Updates of the Precipitation Frequency Studies used as design standards in the United States. The updates to date include the Southwest Semiarid Project, the Ohio River Basin Project, the Puerto Rico Project, the Hawaii Project and the Pacific Islands Project.
2004   Invited as foreign expert by the Ministry of Water Resources to Nanjing to present a seminar on Hydrologic Design Studies, introducing the Regional L-moments Method, a new technique to frequency analysis of hydrologic extreme events
2005   Invited by the MWR as the foreign expert to a “984” project, the Pilot Study on Frequency Analysis of Precipitation in Anhui and Zhejiang Provinces, China, using the Regional L-moments Method
2010- As the leader of two national research projects via the MWR (Ministry of Water Resources): 1) Application of the Hydrometeorologically Regional L-Moments to the Flood Prevention Planning; 2) Impact of Climate Change to the PMP Estimation and the Measures to Flood Prevention         

Main research fields and publications:
Have presented a number of publications and/or presentations in PMP-PMF and Hydrologic Frequency Analysis in terms of design standards to flood protection (Will provide details when information collected from different sources in China and the U.S. at a late time. It is still working on.)