Medical Service:

 •The school hospital, situated at the north side of the Central Campus, carries out daily diagnosis and treatment and provides prescription drugs for patients. Tel: 58731235

 •In case of emergency, a special car will send you to large public hospitals. Or you can dial 120 or first-aid number on campus 58731410, seeking for necessary help.

 •At downtown area, several top hospitals can provide on-time service. They are People's Hospital of Jiangshu Province, Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital of Jangsu Province, Hospital of Nanjing Military Area Command, Zhongda Hospital and Gulou Hospital, where you can receive the medical services promptly and conveniently.


 •A branch bank of Agricultural Bank of China, which is located near the gate of Central Campus, offers services for routine banking services seven days a week. There are three ATMs on each campus: one in dining hall at east campus, one in the entrance lobby of Shangxian Building at central campus, one in the corridor on the second floor of Binjiang Building at west campus, from which you can draw money and do some simple account operations. Post office also has a saving bank as well as an ATM on the south side of central campus.

 •An operation bank of Agricultural Bank of China, in Pancheng near our university, offers more comprehensive financial services.

 •Foreign currencies in cash or traveler's checks can be changed into Chinese RMB in downtown Nanjing.

Postal Service:

Situated on the south side of central campus, the post office not only deals with services such as mail, package, and remittance, but processes saving accounts and telephone bills as well.

Mailboxes can be spotted near the east gate of central campus.

Campus Canteens:

The university Foodstuff Servicing Center is operating four large campus canteens, which occupies a construction area of 24,600 square meters, and have a total sitting capacity of over 10,000. They are located respectively in the Eastern (1), Central (2) and Western Campuses (Canteen photos) . Three of them were recently built are equipped with the latest cooking and dining facilities, such as stainless steel dining tray, comfortable tables and chairs and smokeless gas & oil stoves.

Food, snacks of diversified Chinese styles and prices are offered in these canteens. Particularly, the Tianqi (Heavenly Luck) Restaurant on the third floor of the Eastern Campus canteen is capable of serving high-quality Chinese food. And the new Central Campus canteen also provides traditional Islamic food on the second floor.


Currently, there are 2 gymnasiums situated respectively beside the ground track fields on the central campus and the main ground track field. It possesses a number of equipments for body building like barbell, dumbbell and joint equipments. It opens between 4:00pm to 5:00pm everyday.

Shopping Guide:

Nanjing's downtown area is mainly located in Xinjiekou in the city center, Hunan Road in the north city and Taipingnan Road and Fuzimiao in the south city. The main shopping malls are Jinying, Dongfang, Jinling, Dayang, Xinbai, Zhongyang, Hualian, Shangmao and Suning Yinhe, Suning Guoji, Taipingyang, Shanxilu Department Store and Hunanlu Department Store. Yongli Shopping Mall, Nanpu Shopping Mall, Jin'nianhua Plaza in Dachang area and Jinqiao and Yuqiao nearby Zhongyangmen are quite suitable for working class consumption.

The two former international retailers — American Walmart and French Carrefour are located in Xinjiekou and Daqiaonan Road respectively. The supermarkets nearby the university include Hualian, Yichulianhua in Dachang area and Huarun Suguo and Suguo chain store also makes its appearance on campus which is very convenient.

The electric appliances chained store giants like Suning, Guomei, Wuxing and Yongle gather in Xinjiekou and Hunan Road. Suning and Wuxing chained store make their appearances in Dachang as well.

The best place to purchase IT products is Zhujiang Road — the biggest place for electronic and computer-related products with 18 computer markets and 5 markets for telecommunications products.

The ideal places to buy books are Xinhua Bookstore and Dazhong Bookstore in Xinjiekou because for their great variety. Discount is offered in Soldiers' Club in Shanxi Road. Some small bookstores are located around the university and can basically meet the needs of the teachers and the students.

There are many kinds of artifacts in Nanjing, among which yunjin, velvet, imitation of archaic ivory carving, and Jinling folding fan are quite famous. Besides, Yuhua Stone is a good travel souvenir. Sausage, xiangdu, vacuum salted duck and little peanut are special snacks in Nanjing.