NUIST Reading Academy

Brief Introduction

NUIST Reading Academy, co-founded by Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (aka NUIST) and the University of Reading (aka UoR), is a school of NUIST for undergraduates that is dedicated to transnational cooperation programs in higher education. The Academy bridges the two universities in their leading disciplines, setting a platform of rich educational resources and student-oriented management and services.  It strives after exploration and reforms in teaching and learning for better students’ experiences. It is dedicated to nurturing students with global vision and international competitiveness. In 2016, it was recognized as one of three institutes among the first cohort of High-Level Demonstrative Transnational-Education Institutions of Higher Learning in Jiangsu Province. “Graduates of NUIST Reading Academy will obtain both NUIST and UoR degrees. You have necessary knowledge and skills to go on postgraduate studies in China or the UK or go straight into world of work,” said Mr. Vincenzo Raimo, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement, University of Reading.

Degree Programs

The following degree Programmes are currently offered in the NUIST-Reading Academy:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry

  2. Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Trade

  3. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

  4. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

  5. Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences

  6. Bachelor of Arts in Law


As a model school of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (aka NUIST), the Reading Academy is striving to spearhead reforms of both teaching and modes of fostering students, promote international collaboration and communication in atmospheric sciences and other related disciplines, and establish with University of Reading (aka UoR) deep and all-around partnership in scientific research and students-faculty exchange visits. With the Academy as a model platform of transnational education, NUIST entered the shortlist of the UK-Jiangsu High Level Universities 20+20 Consortium as one of the first cohort institutions ( seven in Jiangsu Province),  sponsored with UoR UK-Jiangsu World Class 20+20 University Initiative Joint International Symposium and signed the Memoranda of Understanding on Establishing NUIST-UoR International Research Institute and on Collaboration of Postgraduate Education,   in order to relentlessly upgrade degree programs in the Academy, carry forward international collaboration in scientific research and assist the University with the building of a first-class university and premium disciplines. In addition, the Academy has been promoting its position of demonstration through receiving visits by dozens of fraternal universities home and abroad, sharing the experience in her foundation and education, contributing to advancement of transnational education.

Contact Us:

Administration Office

Ms. Yu Haibao ( Annie )

Mr. Wang Xu ( Hugh )

Tel: 86 25 58731141

Room N 318, Reading Academy

Office for Students Affairs

Ms. Shen Xiao

Mr. Li Ming ( Leo )

Mr. Yin Zhixing ( Arie )

Tel: 86 25 58699841

Room N 308, Reading Academy

Office for Teaching Affairs

Mr. Pan Weijie ( Potter )

Tel: 86 25 58731146

Room N 313, Reading Academy