NUIST Student Organization Slogan:

Self-services; Self-management; Self-education


Student Union of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology is a self-governing mass organization led by the CPC Committee and directed by the Youth League Committee of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, a bridge that associates Party and administrative leaders with all students of our university, and an institutional member of All China Students' Federation and the Students' Federation of Jiangsu Province.

The missions of Student Union of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology include: promoting all-round development of students in morality, intelligence and physique and uniting and guiding students to become qualified and talented people that love their motherland and meet the requirement for the modernized construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics by abiding by and carrying out the educational guideline of the Party; safeguarding the overall interest of the whole nation and expressing and safeguarding students’ specific interests by playing its role as a bridge that links the Party and our university with students; developing healthy, beneficial and diversified extracurricular activities and social services by advocating and organizing self-services, self-management and self-education, so as to serve students industriously.

The organization structure of the Student Union of our university: Presidium, including one president, one vice-president and one secretary general; twelve departments, including Secretary Department, Culture and Arts Department, Sports Department, Life Department, Study Department, News and Publicity Department, Etiquette Department, Public Relations Department, Service Department of Employment and Entrepreneurship, Red Cross Association, Young Volunteer Association and Dorm Management Committee.